"LIDS" - a series of wooden lids for a steel vessel; diploma for examination as designer in the skilled crafts (Gestalter im Handwerk); applied study focusing structures in wood / european maple, oak and ash, blackened steel; Ø20cm x 10cm / 2018


The series consists of 21 different wooden lids for a vessel made from steel. The work is inspired by the definition of structure. Literally the term refers to the internal arrangement or organization of a certain material. In this case

i focused on the cellular structure of wood at the beginning. After turning the lids on a lathe, they were either carved by hand or sandblasted. Careful selection of the material and minor variations during the process of making led to a study-like series, demonstrating the sophisticated combination of design and traditional craft skills.

Vessel / spalted ash; Ø24cm x 9cm / 2018

Seating object / lime; Ø24,5cm x 9cm / 2018

Bowl / apple wood; 32 x 19,5 x 5cm / 2016

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All photography by Gabriel Tarmassi unless stated otherwise.